Work less,
hire better.

Talent Heroes is the embedded recruitment partner that doesn’t just hire, but shows you how to hire smarter.

We do this by giving you the secret tools and techniques we’ve developed after years of working with the world’s top brands.

This means you can put less in, but get more out.

Better start thinking about what you’re going to do with all that free time…

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"Talent Heroes helped us to fill multiple Product Manager and Designer roles in a competitive market. They are a strong advocate for an efficient recruitment process"

Chief Product Officer

"When we reached the scale up phase we needed a team of experts to help us grow, and not just by bringing in new candidates, but also with the training of our team internally. And this is the problem that Talent Heroes have solved. "

Head of International

"Talent Heroes have been invaluable in helping us not only build teams but design hiring processes and best practices"

CEO & Founder

"Talent Heroes improve our operations and are extremely considerate of us collectively, delivering a great candidate experience"

Head of People

“Working so closely with Talent Heroes over the past few months has been fantastic and a brilliant experience"

Head of Talent

"Talent Heroes have been invaluable in helping us not only build teams but design hiring processes and best practices"



How it works

When you work with us, you won’t just get a market leading embedded hiring solution. That’s a given. You’ll also get access to our Talent Engine system that’s been crafted from our years of collective experience.


Our talent partners come to work as part of your team

Like any embedded team, we work within your organisation. Unlike any other embedded team, we’ll work with you to give you all our secret tools and techniques.


They bring our Talent Engine with them

You’ll get access to our Talent Engine System, which contains the tools, processes, and insider secrets that separate the great brands from the merely adequate.


The changes are yours to keep forever

Everything we’ve developed over years of working with the world’s top brands are yours to keep, forever.

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Our pay-per-hire embedded model is an excellent option if you’re looking to explore embedded hiring or have a low volume of hires. This model allows you to try out embedded hiring without committing to a long-term contract, and you only pay for the hires that you make.  Plus all hires come with a fixed guarantee period.  

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Grow Plus

For slightly larger hiring plans or helping you stretch your hiring budget that bit further.  Our part subscription, part success fee gives you the benefits of a lower cost per hire. Have your own dedicated hiring team with a lower monthly subscription, reduced success fee, all backed up with a fixed guarantee period for every hire made.

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Unlimited hiring, supported with an all inclusive package, everything your team needs to supercharge your growth. A dedicated hiring team with a resourcing squad on standby for those harder to fill roles. Like all of our products, Scale can be dialled up, or down, to support your hiring demands.

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Too much choice?
We’ve got you.

When it comes to hiring there’s no shortage of options; doing it yourself, using a recruitment agency, even building your own internal talent team. But why take all the risks yourself, or pay through the nose using a recruitment agency and miss out on all the benefits of your own internal team.

Our embedded solution gives you the best of both worlds, your own supercharged talent team but with none of the risk and all of the benefits. 

What’s not to like?