Exploring Hiring Technology

As the digital age continues to shape our professional landscape, navigating the plethora of hiring technologies available has become a central concern. The search for the right technology to complement your hiring process can often feel like an uphill battle – laborious, costly, and sometimes downright overwhelming.

Why use technology for hiring?

Technology is no longer a mere accessory to hiring, but rather a driving force that revolutionises the entire process. It ushers in remarkable improvements, like streamlining the hiring sequence, minimising unconscious biases, and pinpointing the best fit between candidate and job more effectively.

At Talent Heroes, we advocate for the essential hiring technologies that significantly enhance the recruitment process. Our non-negotiable list includes an application tracking system (ATS) and technology designed to seek out the top-notch candidates in the market. However, bear in mind that the quality of hiring tech isn’t proportional to its quantity. Too much can backfire, leading to a protracted hiring period and a diminished candidate experience.

Our Technology Package

At Talent Heroes, we’ve done the legwork for you. Our all-inclusive hiring packages come with all the necessary tech tools to facilitate an exceptional hiring experience. We’ve combined a variety of SaaS products to ensure a seamless experience for our hiring partners and candidates. We deliver everything from project management software to automated booking systems, all aimed at enhancing the candidate and partner experience while expediting your hiring process.

We’ll delve into two fundamental tech components we incorporate:

We include both in all of our hiring packages at no extra charge.

Application Tracking Systems (ATS)

We vouch for Recruitee


We opt for cord for tech hiring

Understanding the value of an excellent ATS

The right ATS can significantly enhance your hiring process. We opt for Recruitee due to its user-friendly interface and widespread approval from our clients and our team. Let’s explore the reasons why we believe a great ATS is indispensable:


By automating laborious tasks such as job posting, application filtering, and interview scheduling, an ATS liberates your hiring team to focus on building robust candidate pipelines.


It serves as a comprehensive repository for all applicant data, including CVs, interview notes, and source of candidate, streamlining the candidate tracking process.

Bias Reduction

Using interview question set templates ensures a consistent interview experience for all candidates, reducing unconscious biases that might creep into the selection process.

Candidate Experience

An excellent ATS enhances the candidate journey from application to feedback, safeguarding your employer brand image.

Analytical Insights

An ATS provides invaluable data about your hiring process, measuring efficacy and identifying potential bottlenecks.


A high-quality ATS seamlessly integrates with other HR and recruiting tools, creating a smooth, end-to-end talent acquisition process.


An ATS provides a platform for hiring teams to collaborate, share feedback, and align on decision-making.

Choosing the Right Candidate Sourcing Technology

The market is saturated with a wide array of job boards, networking sites, and platforms. It’s essential to avoid rushing into the first available option and take the time to weigh the pros and cons of each.

When it comes to tech hiring, we lean towards cord. Its candidate pool is verified, actively seeking work, and ready to be deployed to either on-site or remote positions across the UK and Europe. Our partnership with cord has resulted in an impressive response rate and reduced time-to-hire, ensuring project/product deadlines are met.

We’re proud to incorporate cord into all of our embedded products; their platform seamlessly aligns with our partners’ hiring needs.

cord features a roster of verified candidates who are actively seeking permanent onsite or hybrid roles in London or remote positions across the UK and Europe. An impressive 52% of messages sent through cord receive positive responses, swiftly moving these individuals into our clients’ pipelines. This efficiency enables our team to schedule interviews in mere seconds instead of minutes.

We recently sought feedback from our Talent Partners on their experiences with cord, wanting to understand why it’s their preferred platform for sourcing top talent. Here’s what they came back with:

Pre-vetted Candidates

cord ensures all candidates are actively seeking work and have undergone a rigorous verification process.


Each profile includes comprehensive information, which saves time spent on initial screenings.


cord enables gender searches and anonymises profiles to remove any bias in the hiring process.

High Response Rates

We have seen a 57-60% response rate, significantly higher than other platforms.


Each company and Talent Partner on cord has their response rate and time, encouraging accountability and prompt candidate feedback.

Our work with cord

Our team never shies away from hard work, and it’s incredibly rewarding to be recognised for their efforts. We take great pride in the fact that two of our clients, who we have embedded talent teams on-site, have been recognised in the ‘Hiring Leaders Awards’ for their exceptional responsiveness. Our teams at Lendscape and Zilch have both earned recognition within the Mid-Size Company awards. We’re thrilled to have received this award!

Requirements gathering

As a parting consideration, I’d recommended running a requirements gathering process before buying and implementing any new hiring tech.  It can be a costly and time-consuming process, so it’s vital that you understand what your requirements are.  Running a simple requirements-gathering session with your stakeholders to set out your needs is a must, you’ll be able to evaluate all your potential providers with a simple scorecard set out from your team’s session.

Here’s a simple 5-step process to run a requirements gathering session;

Define Objectives

Outline purpose and goals.

Identify Stakeholders

Gather diverse perspectives.

Prepare Requirements List

Based on research, feedback, and input.

Facilitate Session

Choose neutral facilitator, encourage participation.

Document and Prioritise Requirements

Capture requirements, prioritise based on impact.


In the rapidly evolving world of recruitment, the right hiring technology can make the difference between an effective, streamlined process and a protracted, cumbersome one. At Talent Heroes, we combine our expertise with the right tech tools to meet your hiring needs. Remember, it’s not about having the most technology; it’s about having the right technology.

Talent Heroes

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Finally, we would love it if you could also check out cord! Take a look at their excellent hiring tool here, along with all of their satisfied partners.

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